Internet Options

There is an incredible array of internet options available today for the many different kinds of internet users out there. But what kinds of things should you consider when choosing an internet plan?

Different Internet Speeds For Different Users

Depending on what you want your internet plan for, you might require varying speeds.

ADSL and Cable Internet plans provider fast speeds for downloading of data.

Wireless, mobile and satelitte internet plans usually operate on the 3G network, which can provide fast speeds to city and suburban areas.

Dial up is of the slowest internet option available.

Contract Length

All sorts of contract lengths are available across a variety of internet plans. There are even some for which you do not have to sign any contract for. Contracts can range between 6 and 24 months.

If a contract isn't for you, there are also month-by-month or pre-paid plan options offered by most internet providers.

Download Limits with your Internet Options

If you are a light internet user, then you may only need a small download limit each month. However if you are a heavier user and like to download lots of files or visit content heavy websites, then you probably will need a larger download limit, or a plan with unlimited downloads.

Peak and Off Peak

Most Internet providers have set times which they term "peak" and "off peak". The broadband plans of these providers incorporate both peak and off peak data downloads into their pricing structures.

Because there is less traffic and network congestion during off peak times (usually late night and early morning), these plans incorporate larger off peak data download limits.

More Internet Options with Bundles

A handy Internet Option is bundling together your internet plan with your home phone, and even your mobile phone. Bundles are a great way to conglomerate bills and reduce paper waste. Some can even offer discounts and higher monthly data allowances.

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