Internet Bundles

Home and internet bundles can save you significant time and money by combining your home communication needs into one valuable package. Since you’re only dealing with one internet provider and receiving one convenient bill, the savings can be passed on to you. Sometimes, your provider will even throw in additional discounts and freebies too.

The benefits sound great and the savings can be impressive, provided that you find the right broadband bundle that meets your lifestyle needs. Here are some key questions you need to ask yourself to help cut through the chatter to spare days of researching broadband bundles.

What is your current usage?

Call your current broadband and/or telecommunications provider to find out exactly what your monthly internet, mobile phone and home phone usage is so you can easily figure out what plan best suits your usage.

Does the broadband bundle meet all of my usage needs?

Sometimes providers will offer great broadband bundles where the home phone plan meets your needs, but the internet plan will not meet your current usage. It’s important that you find the right bundle that addresses your home phone and Internet requirements.

Does every provider offer bundles?

Some providers may bundle home and internet plans, while some don’t. Others may not extend their broadband bundles to include mobile phone plans. That’s why you should write down a list of what to look for in a bundle: internet, home phone, mobile phone and/or cable television. Does the plan you’re considering offer a bundle that has your landline, mobile phone and internet covered?

What is the term of the contract?

Are you prepared to be locked in for up to 24 months with the given rate? Take note of early exit fees should your circumstances change.

Is there enough/too much internet data for my usage?

This is possibly the most important question of all. Choosing a plan with a slightly higher monthly fee might save you hundreds of dollars in excess download fees, particularly if you have children who are happily oblivious to download limits.

Finally, while it might seem easy to bundle your home phone and internet together, make sure it isn’t more beneficial to your budget to keep them separate!

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